Having Cindy as my mentor has allowed me to be more aware of myself, expand the way I think and be a better leader. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a strong mentor to help take their professional development to the next level.


Cindy has been my career coach and mentor for a number of years because of her strong professional experience but more importantly, because of her ability to help you see situations from a different perspective. There have been countless times where I have come out of a session having expanded my thinking and learning, and Cindy's ability to help you see the issue or circumstance from a different perspective is invaluable.


Cindy has the ability to really get into the crux of the issue taking the time to truly listen - this means that the recommendations and guidance she provides is thought-provoking, honest and relevant to the individual/circumstance. To me, she is a trusted adviser and someone I learn from constantly.

- Graces Angeles, Commerical Finance Manager, Citadel Group Limited

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